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rotary 3n5 purity titanium plate target
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rotary 3n5 purity titanium plate target

  • Titanium Monolithic Rotatable (Rotary, Cylindrical) Sputtering Target Ti. Purity. CP Grade 2 (onlinetitanium%), CP Grade 1 (onlinetitanium%),. 3N5 (onlinetitanium%), 4N (onlinetitanium%), 4N5 For rectangle targets, we cut big plates into sizes by water jet, to make sure the

  • Changsha Xinkang Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd produce a wide range of high purity Metal sputtering target – with purities of up to onlinetitanium99%, and dimension

  • 3905 products Type: Ceramic Target; Shape: Plate and Rotary; Certification: ISO; Colour: Black; Density: High Densiy; Max High Purity Titanium Planar Sputtering Target From 2n6 to 4n, 4n5, 5n .. 3n5 Pure Niobium Block Sputtering Targets.

  • Titanium Sputtering Target Ti bulk & research qty manufacturer. (3N5) onlinetitanium% Titanium Sputtering Target . American Elements specializes in producing high purity Titanium Sputtering Targets with the highest possible density High Purity ( onlinetitanium9%) Titanium (Ti) We also produce Titanium as rods, powder and plates.

  • Yunch Titanium supplys global titanium mill products,tantalum rotating target 2N~3N5. Molybdenum. Mo. pellet,round,planar,rotatable target. 3N~4N Hot Tags: onlinetitanium% purity tantalum target tantalum round targets tantalum sputtering

  • Titanium ( Ti ) - Sputtering Target - Material Information Bar Foil Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Rod Sheet Single Crystal Bar Foil Lump Mesh Microfoil Powder Thickness:onlinetitanium, High Purity:onlinetitanium+%. TI009300, Titanium

  • Titanium Carbide target, Titanic Carbide sputtering target, TiC target, TiC sputtering target Target Shape: plate, wafer, rectangular, square, circle, tube, step wafer, step We provide high-purity sputtering targets and vapor deposition materials in Rotary target: diamiter 130~180Or in accordance with customers request.

  • Target blank sizes range from small research cathodes to large 100 pound planar targets. 3N5 Purity onlinetitanium% Ta, 3N8 Purity onlinetitanium% Ta. 4N Purity onlinetitanium% Ta.

  • rotary 3n5 nickel sputtering rotary tube target

    Rotary 3N5 Nickel Sputtering Rotary Tube Target

    China Tantalum Sputtering Target, 3n5 High Purity Lithium Nickel Phosphate High Purity 4N5 Purity Titanium Rotary Tube Target;

  • pure metal sputtering targets | specialize in thin film

    Pure Metal Sputtering Targets | Specialize In Thin Film

    Changsha XinKang Advanced Materials Corporation Ltd (XK) is specialized in thin film materials, including metal sputtering targets, metal alloy sputtering targets, high purity evaporation materials and backing plates, together with metal Crucible liners.

  • circular chromium (cr) sputtering target with high purity 3n5

    Circular Chromium (Cr) Sputtering Target with high purity 3N5

    titanium metal bar tube plate materials (627) titanium standard Below form is a typically Certificate of Analysis for 3N5 high purity Chromium Cr sputtering target.

  • sputtering target manufacturers & suppliers - onlinetitanium

    Sputtering Target manufacturers & suppliers - onlinetitanium

    Ceramic Target; Shape: Plate and Rotary; High Purity Titanium Planar Sputtering Target From 2n6 More related options such as titanium, target,

  • od133x125xl gr2 titanium backing tube - onlinetitanium

    OD133X125XL Gr2 Titanium backing tube - onlinetitanium

    Yunch titanium,Gr2 titanium rotary sputtering targets OD133X125 as Titanium Tungsten Alloy Round Square Target Plate; Titanium slug purity 99 2N~3N5. Nickel

  • nickel sputtering target by baoji ruitai metals co., ltd

    Nickel Sputtering Target by Baoji Ruitai Metals Co., Ltd

    Buy high quality Nickel Sputtering Target by Target Cr 3N5 Planar target, Rotary target Titanium Aluminum 18mm Sector Plate TiO2 Target; Purity(%)

  • manufacture high purity cobalt pellet  - onlinetitanium

    Manufacture High Purity Cobalt Pellet - onlinetitanium

    Manufacture High Purity Cobalt Pellet onlinetitanium% Below form is a typically Certificate of analysis for 3N5 high purity Cobalt sputtering target. Cobalt plate /sheet:

  • oem supply metal sputtering target - buy metal sputtering

    Oem Supply Metal Sputtering Target - Buy Metal Sputtering

    Sputtering Target,Metal Target For Coating Technology,Titanium Zr Ni Tial Nicr Targets onlinetitanium: 2N8,3N,onlinetitanium,4N5,5N. 3 Ta target. 3N5. Round/plateube.

  • onlinetitanium. starck - product information tantalum sputtering targets

    onlinetitanium. Starck - Product Information Tantalum Sputtering Targets

    Tantalum Sputtering Target. 3N5 Purity onlinetitanium% Ta: 3N8 Purity ASTM 4 or finer for targets made from plates under .4 thick. High Purity Tantalum Chemistries.

  • onlinetitanium% zirconium target shaped in cylinder,titanium,chrome

    onlinetitanium% Zirconium Target Shaped in Cylinder,Titanium,Chrome

    Molybdenum Sputtering Target,Molybdenum Target,hot sale best price high purity molybdenum target plate,tube,target,.Titanium rotary target pipe tube,High